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These Butter Keepers are the answer to every butter lovers dreams.
This beautiful handmade vessel sits on your benchtop, giving you fresh, spreadable butter all year round.

These terracotta vessels are hand thrown & glazed in 3 different colours. The exposed terracotta is treated with Liquid Quartz in order to create a waterproof seal & make the vessel foodsafe.

The vessel is made in two separate parts: the cup & the butter keeper.
Butter is compacted into the keeper & a small amount of water is added to the cup.
The water works in two ways: it keeps the butter fresh by eliminating the oxygen that makes butter go rancid & also by keeping the vessel at the perfect temperature to keep the butter soft.

You add more butter as needed - it only takes a few minutes for cold hard butter to soften to the perfect temperature for easy spreading.
There is no need to keep this vessel in the fridge. This beautiful handmade vessel can sit on your kitchen bench ready to spread perfectly soft & fresh butter at any time.

In hot climates, you can add a cube of ice if necessary to cool & in colder climates add tepid water in order to achieve the perfect softness.

The water needs to be changed completely every 3 days.

Watch my 'How To' video on BUTTER KEEPERS here :

Butter Keepers- a HOW TO (by RUTH BRUTEN CERAMICS) from GourmetGirlfriend on Vimeo.

Vessels are approx 8cmH x 9cmW & hold approx 100g Butter

Please note that as with all handmade products, there are natural variations to each vessell making each piece a unique piece of art & the differences are to be celebrated as such.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

NB: I do not deliver to PO Boxes. Street addresses only

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