• Image of Oatmeal Coffee Bowl

Textured Clay with a Satin Glaze. Small love heart engraved on underside. Plain stoneware clay interior.

They can be comfortably held in one hand or with both hands wrapped around to keep your hands toasty warm on a cold morning.
Each coffee bowl holds about 250ml of liquid and is Stoneware fired.
The vessels are DW, OVEN & MICROWAVE safe.

These coffee bowls are hand thrown and individually decorated meaning that whilst each vessel is similar they are all unique & have their own quirks.

They can be used for all manner of things- not just for serving Coffee!
Some clients use them as individual Pie dishes or some for Custard bowls etc.....

NB: Bowls are made in batches & available until sold out.
No pre-orders.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Sold Out